10 Characteristics Of An Agile Business

Agile Business

With an increase in employee requests for remote working and flexible hours, the businesses that will stay ahead of the curve are those that are willing to introduce measures to ensure they are flexible. Using unified communications is essential to the nature of agile business. Let me uncover the 10 characteristics of a truly agile business, so you can see how yours compares.

1. Supports Flexible Working Hours

Your business must embrace the 24/7 availability culture or lose out to forward thinking competitors. That’s not to say that you must remain open 24/7 but, particularly when in a customer-focussed business, if the customer has a way of communicating with your business in times of need (for example if a fault occurs) then it helps to have measures in place to support them.

2. Can Manage Remote Working

For maximum agility your employees should have the ability to work from anywhere, at any time. The agile business fully embraces mobility. “Moving from viewing time at the office as a sign of productivity to emphasising actual results can create a work environment that fosters healthy behaviour and wellbeing.” – Professor Phyllis Moen – University of Moen.

3. Ability To Scale Capacity Quickly & Easily

By investing in cloud-based services, businesses can access a solution that gives them the ability to scale their lines quickly and easily to meet demand. “A third of participants using the cloud experienced increased flexibility and scalability to adapt to changes in business requirements.” – The New Competitive Advantage – Strategic CFOs Embrace the Cloud – PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

4. Cope With Seasonal Peaks & Troughs

Rather than paying for unused capacity, the agile business can scale resources, meaning they will only ever have to pay for what they need – and use.

5. Respond To Customer Needs Quickly

This means wherever, whenever, however and most importantly, quickly. By using unified communications tools, businesses need never miss another call.

6. Energises The Workforce With New Technology

New technologies give your staff access to the tools they need to succeed, meaning that you’ll see a rise in employee productivity and satisfaction levels.

7. Integration With Line Of Business Applications

Truly unified communications support integration with existing line of business applications, such as Microsoft Lync, to further enhance the productivity and efficiency improvements.

8. Fully Compliant

The agile business uses the most up-to-date technology to ensure they remain compliant at all times. This can include the ability to record calls, for example.

9. A Fixed, Monthly Cost

Cloud-based telephony offers the ability to pay for what you need in one fixed, monthly payment. This includes installation, handsets and maintenance, so you’ll be able to account and budget for your full communications spend every month of the contracted period.

10. Embraces Consumerisation

Agile businesses support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Allowing your staff to use their existing handsets will not only save you money but will ensure your team are contactable at any time.

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Cem Ahmet is the Sales Director at Gamma Business Communications. He helps SME's and corporate clients gain greater value and maximise their return on investment from their telecoms spend. Cem has worked for large multinational corporate businesses, small companies and also run his own business. He has a passion for taking the time to understand peoples' challenges and find a telecoms or a software solution that will help solve them. Outside of work, Cem spends time with family, playing golf and reading.