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3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Integrate Social Media Into Business Apps

Social Media

The business world has become entirely social. Even if the majority of businessmen and women aren’t sharing pictures of their dogs and loved ones on Facebook, the whole concept of sharing has become ingrained into our psyche at this point.

Not taking advantage of this fact could be the downfall of your business app. If your customers and users expect it and it’s not available, not only could you miss out on the many advantages, but you could lose them in the long run to a competing app. There are many ways that social media integration can strengthen your business mobile app. Here’s three reasons how and why you need to look into implementing them:

1. One Structured Login System

Many apps allow you to use a social media account on another platform to login. It’s much easier to remember your Facebook or Google login than creating a new account with only an email and password tied to it. It’s also convenient to tap your preferred icon and login rather than complete a form. You can also anticipate that many business types will have a Linkedin account as well. When deciding on features for your business app, convenience should be at the very top to keep user retention high. Allowing these busy people to keep their mind focused on business and less on accounts and passwords will allow them to prioritise using your service.

2. Sharing Leads To Platform Growth

Users want to share their activities, their successes and anything they find interesting. Social media gives them the ability to do so. Sharing from your app gives you a benefit as well. The more times your business app is in front of new potential users, the higher a chance they’ll switch to your platform. Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin all have a high potential for having the right business content go viral. But that doesn’t mean you should leave out any social sharing services. Integrating as many as possible gives you the chance to let users who are dedicated to other platforms share as well. In the end, you want as much exposure as possible, so it makes sense to integrate as much as makes sense.

3. The More Integrations The Better Your Perception

In the same way as one might be turned off by a restaurant that didn’t serve either Coke or Pepsi, your users will be annoyed that their preferred social platform has been left out. Especially when it’s one of the larger platforms, it doesn’t make sense to leave that as a possible excuse to have a customer walk away.

Beyond the convenience of logging in as well as the ability to share personal content, there’s also a perception that goes along with having an app that doesn’t allow you to be social. It feels like a closed network, and depending on the type of app you’re creating that may not be a good thing. If you want the perception of your app to be positive, you want to give your users as many social sharing options as possible.

There are many ways to promote your business app, but you shouldn’t leave out options that allow your users to promote it for you. When it comes to convenience and shareability, social media cannot be ignored. Take whatever steps you can to ensure your users’ social media needs are being met by your business app.

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