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4 Easy Time-Saving Tips For eBay Sellers


Founded in 1995, eBay has become one of the most recognisable and widely used e-commerce platforms in the world. For buyers there is a huge array of products to buy and for sellers the earning potential can be very lucrative. To fulfil this potential, I have compiled four easy time-saving tips to make the selling process more efficient. Selling on eBay can be an enjoyable experience and by implementing these four tips into how you use eBay as a selling platform can mean you can earn money quicker and also gain positive reviews and feedback from your buyers.

1. Consider The Time Of Day You Are Selling

The time of day an item is auctioned on eBay can make a difference. Sellers have the option to list their items for auction for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days (there is also the option to “Buy It Now” if you do not want to go down the auction route). In terms of interactions with auctions, most do tend to occur during the start and end of an auction. So, if you are start an auction at a time such as 4am and it also ends at 4am, most people will be asleep and therefore you are missing peak interactions with your item.

According to eBay, peak times to start listing or ending your items can be dependent upon your target market, but as a general insight, it is interesting to note peak times for visitors on eBay are between 8pm and 10pm and therefore it would be recommended to try to start and end an auction in these time slots. Sunday is also regarded as the day people are most likely to be on eBay. Other tips in terms of timings is to avoid times when major events are occurring such as during a sports final. Finding the optimal time period to sell your item will mean you will save time by reaching the audience you want to target first time.

2. Use Integrated Labels

The use of integrated labels means you will save yourself much time and convenience. Integrated labels are labels that are included with a sheet of paper. With this, it means there is no longer the need to print a form such as a customer order invoice separately from, for example, the shipping label. Printing these together also eliminates the risk of mismatches and mistakes being made. Be sure to also take advantage of integrated labels where there are more than one label on a sheet of paper.

E-commerce businesses have benefited from a second integrated label and using it as a return address label, so customers can use it and easily return products if they require to. Such services increase customer satisfaction meaning positive seller reviews for your profile on eBay and repeat purchases.

3. Post Sold Items As Soon As Possible & With Tracking

In the exciting event that an item has been sold, for high customer satisfaction try delivering the sold item to the buyer as quickly as you can, particularly if you have promised a quick delivery timeframe. In return this will increase the likelihood for you as a seller receiving positive feedback for the experience a buyer has had with you. In relation to the time you put your products up for auction, if it is feasible to put them all up at similar times and have them ending at similar times, it will mean you will be able to mail your sold products at the same time thus saving you time in not needing to do multiple individual trips.

Another important time saver is that you should choose the tracked service when posting items as this saves a lot of time and hassle should in the rare event it gets lost in transit. In using the tracked service you will get a tracking number and a postage receipt with confirmation that the item has been sent. This is your proof to the buyer that it is not a fault of your own that the item has been lost and depending on their terms and conditions, it may also allow you to get compensation from the mailing service you used. 

4. Purchase Postage Bags In Bulk

As an eBay seller, once you get in the swing of things of the selling process, it can be very fun and as an added bonus, you will find yourself earning money through de-cluttering! As you find yourself selling more products, it would be a good idea to buy in bulk your postage bags, as this will save yourself time in not needing to buy them individually every time you sell items. Of course, by buying in bulk also saves money. Buying these in bulk are commonly available through stores that sell mailing products.

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