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It’s likely that at some point in owning a business, you are going to have to sit down with your clients and talk. It might be a time where they want to compliment you on a job well done, or they might have some concerns about your product or service. Either way, you want them to feel good about coming into your office and chatting about whatever is on their minds. Having a comfortable office can be the key to having a meeting go well or poorly.

Here are four ways you can make clients feel comfortable when they come to visit:

1. Add Personal Touches

A cold office can often make you as a person feel cold. When you want to connect with clients, you want to show them a bit of your personality and to include them in your life. Putting pictures up on your wall or desk, adding some of your favourite books, and placing business cards out can go a long way to showing that you are interested in connecting and finding some common ground overall.

2. Make Them Feel Comfortable

You’ll want to purchase a comfortable set of chairs for clients to sit across from you, and make sure to offer tissues or anything else that they might need. A coffee machine can be a great way to break the ice and encourage them to feel relaxed in your space. Also, if you are having any issues with your heating or cooling, it might be worth it to get everything fixed so your visitors don’t feel too hot or cold. Temperature can greatly influence everyone’s mood!

3. Choose Warm Colours

In many businesses, decorations tend to be a certain colour palette, which might not be the most welcoming. While black and white can convey a sense of power, it’s not always the most comfortable—especially when you are talking to clients who are dissatisfied. The best thing to do is choose colours that make people feel good and want to be there. This might mean an afternoon away from the office and at the paint store, but choosing colours that feel calming can go a long way toward making others feel at home in a stressful place.

4. Have A Good Attitude

It’s easy to be defensive when you are talking to customers, and this can be especially true when they want to address something about your business that they are unhappy with. Before they even walk in the door, however, you’re going to want to think about how you can make them feel as though their suggestions matter. Put on a smile and shake hands. When you’re in a good mood and you want them to feel as though they aren’t being attacked, then you’re more likely to have a satisfying outcome overall. Treat people with kindness and you’ll usually get the same treatment in return!

When you cause clients to feel comfortable when talking to you, you’re showing that you care about their struggles and that you want to make your company better for them. One of the best ways to do this is to make the environment they are in welcoming and friendly—these little touches tend to go a long way!

4 Ways To Make Your Clients Feel More At Home In Your Office | BCW

4 Ways To Make Your Clients Feel More At Home In Your Office