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4 Ways To Save On Business Computing

Refurbished Apple

Whatever kind of business you are starting up, it’s likely that you’ll be in need of some technology to help support your venture. Today, having a business computer is an essential, whether you’re looking for a desktop PC, or a more portable option of a laptop. The type and number of computers that you’ll need will depend on the business that you’re running.

For example, a home-based business may only need one computer, whilst those looking to open an office will likely need several to get started. For most start-ups, cutting costs is an important part of the process. Let me share my top tips for saving money on your business computing needs…

1. Buy Second Hand

When it comes to getting a good computer for your business, you don’t have to go and break the bank on getting one brand new. Second hand computers can be just as good as the brand-new ones, especially if their previous owner has looked after them well and kept them in good condition. Check out online selling sites such as eBay, Gumtree and even Craigslist for the best second hand finds.

2. Search The Latest Deals

Since new generations of computers and laptops are always being released, you can often find some awesome deals for older models that work just as well for business purposes. Keep your eye on the best desktop computer deals on the web; you can often grab a great bargain just by being patient and waiting for items to come down in price. Don’t forget to be early for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales too; you can often get computers and laptops at one-time prices.

3. Opt For Refurbished

Many people shy away from buying refurbished technology, believing it to have been badly damaged in the past and therefore more prone to problems. However, whilst this can sometimes be the case, it’s actually pretty rare for refurbished tech to still have issues, especially if it has been manufacturer refurbished to a high standard. It’s also worth bearing in mind that in many cases, refurbished doesn’t always mean that the PC has had a problem – sometimes, it’s simply been returned and the retailer can no longer re-sell it at full price because the box has been opened and it’s been used once or twice.

4. Manufacturer Outlets

Checking out what’s available at manufacturer outlets can be a great way to get affordable computing products at cut prices. For example, the Dell Outlet and Apple Certified Refurbished products are usually high quality and reliable, at a much lower price than what they’d sell for brand new. Whether it’s an older model that’s in need of clearing out of the stock room or returns that have been refurbished to a high standard, you can find many products straight from the manufacturer that can be obtained at a great price.

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Marcus Turner Jones graduated in Economics from the University of Sheffield before pursuing a career as a Market Analyst in London.