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4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Having A Mobile App

Mobile App

At this point, almost everyone has a mobile device in their pocket. Most people have more than one and they use it to search the web, communicate and, in general, to connect with the world. This is most easily achieved via apps, which are much more convenient than web browsing. Businesses should get in on this and use this technology to form a stronger bond with their customers. Using phones and mobile devices to conduct marketing campaigns will make the interactions more personal, more immediate and, in the end, more lucrative.

Before Developing A Mobile App

What motivates you to build this app? If you know how you plan to use the app, you’re going to be able to make it more functional.

Can you easily explain your idea to anyone? It often happens that a business owner wants their app to do everything which, in turn, makes it useless. Try to narrow down your idea to a few simple sentences.

Who are your users? It’s important to have an idea of who your users are and especially how tech savvy are they if you want them to be able to use the app.

Should you develop a cross-platform or native app? A mobile app developed in its native programming language (Java for Android, Swift for iOS) offers more stability but requires a larger investment as you would have to develop an app for each mobile OS. Cross-platform apps will provide you with a much larger reach but you might have to sacrifice some platform-specific functions. This decision will mostly be influenced by your users’ device preferences.

Do you have a clear marketing strategy? Having an app isn’t enough – you need to make an app a part of a larger marketing strategy and have content for the app created in advance.

What’s your budget scope? Lastly, this is possibly the most important question and the one that you must answer first because you can only do as much with limited resources.

If you have a clear answer to all of these questions and an advertising strategy that includes mobile devices you could get into the mobile app development process.

1. Branding Boost

Businesses should always try to build and maintain a brand. Having an app can help with this. It will make your company a constant presence in your customers’ lives because phones are just that. It also creates a platform to expand on the offers and products you have offline. Brands also benefit from being on top of technology and marketing trends. If your company is among the first to have a good app, the customers will notice and appreciate your efforts to make their user experience better and more comfortable.

2. Big Data

Having an app on the phone of your customers could help you find out a lot about them. An app collects user’s personal information and all the contacts they have on the phone. It could be hugely beneficial in terms of making a marketing campaign better suited to the needs of a particular customer.  An app can go even deeper than this. It can be useful to know what other services your clients are using; what kind of movies or books do they like, where do they spend their vacations… All of this information will help you make your campaign more engaging and more lucrative

3. More Sales

When all’s said and done the most important job of your marketing campaign should be bringing in new sales and generating revenue. An app is a big part of it. With a mobile app, customers can browse your goods from the comfort of their homes and purchase things with a simple tap on the screen. When the process is this convenient the sales go up. The app should have a clear call to action button that will make the purchase simple and it should guarantee the safety of the whole process. Personal information and the bank related data should remain confidential and secure both from outside breaches and within your company.

4. Content Is King

This phrase gets repeated a lot in marketing circles and that’s because it’s true. Providing valuable content to your customers is the best way to foster loyalty and make more money. An app isn’t just for buying things and delivering the news. It can also be used to push all kinds of content depending on the type of campaign you are planning to have. Make sure to create an app that will be suited for all kinds of content, not just text. Cleverly used images, infographics, GIFs, and even videos could have a much broader impact than simple blog posts.

Businesses could benefit greatly from having an app. Having one means that your business is on top of the latest marketing trends which could help you generate more income and expand your customer base.

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