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5 Cool Tips To Plan And Celebrate A Special Office Christmas Party This Season


Another Christmas, another celebration and another holiday break with family and friends. What about the celebration with your professional family – your employees and colleagues? Throughout the year your workplace sees strategies being created and implemented, goals being set and achieved, hiring/firing, tensed moments, and a shared concern for performance.

This is not to say that your workstation doesn’t have a positive and relaxing environment. But festivities can also be used to uplift the mood and boost the morale of office employees.

So, which festival other than Christmas can better do this? You sure have a good camaraderie with your staff and it should be reflected in this year’s festivity. Thus, it is a nice opportunity for you to celebrate a special office Christmas party with your staff this time around.

Here are some cool tips to organise and celebrate a wonderful office Christmas party:

1. Plan The Party Well In Advance

Be it a large scale project or a cool office party, planning is always necessary. There is no need to undergo the last minute rush; you have to work on the details a bit earlier. Since it will require company funds to organise the party, so you need to think through a few things like budget, time and the kind of experience that you want to create. You can ask suggestions from your employees if you don’t want to throw a surprise party for them. Although the Christmas party is also about your team’s hard work as well as ending the year on a high, but you have to be careful to avoid spending on things that might shoot the budget toward the rooftop.  

2. Choose A Perfect Venue

The venue is a very important element of your party because its ambiance and location add value to the enjoyment. So, the location should be selected in such a way that everyone can get there in time and make most of the celebration. You might have a few options at hand but you need to choose one that would be remembered for the right reasons. You need to do this as early as possible because all the easily accessible and popular venues will get booked up fast. As the old adage goes –the early bird catches the worm, so you can check the venues online with the help of many helpful apps. While choosing the venue, apart from its location, you should also check out the packages available, it’s catering and style.

3. Decorations

Now comes the decoration part. The party décor should reflect all the positivity and excitement that are inherent in any celebration. Whether you want to select a special theme or want to give it a traditional Christmas party look, decorations will play an important role in transforming the atmospherics. Here are some ideas what item you can include:

Christmas Trees: You can find so many of them in different shapes and sizes on the market. Christmas tree has a special significance for Christmas, so just keep a few of them at various places of the party area. Decorate them with different items to make them even more attractive.

Lights: Christmas is the festival of lights and happiness, so hang a few strings around the party hall so that everyone’s faces will also light up.

Merry Christmas Labels: Be it champagne bottles, wine bottles or water bottles putting personalised merry Christmas labels will add a special flavour to the celebration. You can write special messages for your employees on these labels and stickers.

Balloons: Balloons are the best charmers of any party that are affordable and enhance the beauty of décor. You can use bouquets of balloons with different colours.

Confetti: Confetti is a nice option for giving an extra sparkle to the party. You can find many types of confetti-like snowflakes and Holy Christmas.  

4. Games & Activities

Along with the celebration, Christmas party games and activities will help all the employees gel together even more. You can keep all the invitees busy by providing them fun and entertainment with some creative and engaging party games. So why not play a couple of games and time making each other laugh. For that we have following ideas for you:

Mystery stocking: In this game, you have to make everyone sit in a circle and fill a stocking or a sock with a few mystery items. Now pass this mystery clump around the circle where everyone has to guess what’s inside. The person who will guess it right will get it.

Decorate the tree: In this game, two teams have to decorate their Christmas tree in a fixed time where they will be given crepe papers, ornaments, light bulbs and other decorative items. The team that will finish the work in time wins.

Marshmallow into mouth: In this game, you need to make marshmallow slingers – it’s easy. Now at one end of a table give one player this marshmallow slinger with a bowl of marshmallows, and other players should stand at the other end of the table with his mouth open. Ask the player with slinger to shoot five marshmallows in a row into the mouth of other players. The person who catches all the five wins.

5. Wine & Dine

Any party is incomplete without food and moreover what Christmas celebration will it be without wine and dine. You can start the feast by a glass of wine with your team and make a celebratory toast. As for the dishes and main course, you can have a number of options to satisfy your invitees. It’s about creating a celebration which will be remembered by your employees for a long time to come. So the special delectable dishes that you can include can be Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich Canapés, chocolate peanut butter pretzel bites, olive tapenade, Spanish ham with olives and oranges, cold crab dip, smoked lamb with fresh dill and paprika, and so on. In the end give a good treat of delicious dessert such as peanut butter pie, candy cane forest cake, snowman cupcakes, eggnog cheesecake, chocolate cappuccino cheesecake, and so on.

Wrap Up

Make this Christmas really special with your office colleague and staff. It is a nice way to celebrate your team spirit and bonding. Moreover, among other things, this occasion serves a great way to encourage your employees and their abilities. So get ready to have a blast!

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