5 Gadgets That Make Your Employees More Efficient


For most small and medium-sized businesses, your employees are your biggest asset. You’ve to spend the time finding the right people to hire, getting them trained, and ensuring that you’re up to date on your payroll. If you’ve managed to staff your business with happy, motivated employees, you’ll probably see a pretty decent return on your investment. Every business owner knows that there is always a way to improve employee efficiency. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way, try one of these five helpful gadgets.

1. A Second Monitor

For office workers, a second monitor can be a lifesaver. No longer will employees have to constantly tab between their source documents and that report they’re working on. They’ll be able to lay out everything they need in front of them, letting them focus on getting their jobs done. Most computers will support dual monitors, and displays are now cheaper than ever. Once you see how much more your staff will accomplish in a typical working day, you’ll know that that the purchase was worthwhile.

2. Noise Cancelling Headsets

Do your staff spend a lot of time on the phone? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to hear a conversation while you’re working in a loud environment. Noise cancelling headsets can reduce the impact of outside noise and let your staff hear their conversations easily and clearly. When they’re not struggling to communicate, they’ll be free to focus on the customer.

3. Project Tracking Software

If you’re working with a larger team, it can be very difficult to keep track of everyone’s individual duties. Project tracking software can take a massive project and break it down into individual tasks. Employees will be able to see who is relying on their task, and communicate effectively with the relevant departments. Staff will save tons of time trying to coordinate all the moving parts, ensuring that your business operates efficiently.

4. Remote Desktop

Do your staff often require access to their data while outside of the office? Sure, they could just transport everything back and forth on a flash drive, but remote desktop solutions are a much more effective way. With the click of a button, staff can log into their office computers remotely. They’ll never have to worry about forgetting a file or losing access to internal systems. They will be able to keep all of their documents and information in one place, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle again. The best part of this system is that it’s easy to set up. As long as you’ve got an IT department, you could have it running in just a few days.

5. Card Swipe Attendance System

Do you have problems getting staff to show up to work on time? Worried about those extra-long lunch hours? With a card swipe attendance system, you’ll be able to address this issue from two fronts. First, you’ll have digital access to the exact times that employees clock in and out. This means that their paychecks will be incredibly accurate, with down to the minute billing. Because employees know that they’re being tracked, there will be less of an incentive for them to cut out of work early.

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Karthik Krishnan

Karthik Krishnan is a tech addict and explorer living with the internet. His passion for technology has never failed to fascinate in every stage of his life.

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