5 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Product Photography

Product Photography

When you’re running an e-commerce website or marketing products via a blog or social media – the photos that you use are going to be extremely important. Unlike brick and mortar shops your customers won’t be able to ‘see’ the products firsthand, and so they are going to judge it based on the photos that you use.

Needless to say you’re going to want your marketing photos put their best foot forward, and there are several tips that you can use to make sure that is the case:

1. Make Sure The Background Is Clean & Simple

When you’re photographing a product it is important that the background is uncluttered so that the product stands out. If you have a clean white surface nearby that will do fine, otherwise you may want to invest in a white poster board or something else that can act as a background.

2. Use A Camera Stand

Opting to use a stand for your camera will provide two benefits to your product photography. Firstly you won’t have to worry about holding the camera still, as the stand will do that for you. More importantly however, it will make adjusting and repositioning the camera slightly to get better angles a lot easier.

3. Get Physically Close To The Product

In most cases when you’re snapping photos of products alone you will want to get physically close to them so that they fill most of the frame. Try to avoid using zoom wherever possible and instead move your camera (and stand) closer so that as much detail as possible is captured.

4. Props Can Help In Some Shots

While in many marketing photos of products you’ll want to just have the product up against a plain background, in some cases it can help to include props that provide scale, contrast, and create a more attractive imagery. If you go down that route you should carefully select props to use and make sure they accentuate the product rather than taking attention away from it.

5. Experiment With The Rule Of Thirds

One of the easiest (yet most effective) rules in photography is the rule of thirds. Essentially it is the idea that your subject shouldn’t be centred, but instead should be positioned along the grid lines and intersections that are formed by dividing the frame into thirds both horizontally and vertically. Many digital cameras and camera apps have these lines built-in, so experiment with positioning your product on them and see what a difference it makes.

Cumulatively these tips should help you to snap some amazing photos of the products that you’re trying to market, especially if you use a simple-to-use program such as Movavi Photo Editor to picture edit. Just like any other type of photography it will take practice to perfect the art of snapping product photos – but at very least you now know how to go about it more effectively.

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Steven Ray

Steven Ray is an enthusiastic photographer who specialises in product photography. He enjoys experimenting with different composition styles and using Movavi picture edit tools to create stunning looks that showcase products in their best light.