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5 Office Remodelling Tips To Boost Productivity And Sustainability

Green Office

Aren’t you tired of the same old ugly office space that drains your energy and makes you feel exhausted? Not to mention that you feel utterly demotivated and isolated that affects your work progress. Did you know that with just a few minor updates in your office you can create a healthy work environment and boost productivity and creativity? Well, here are some tips and tricks for optimising workspace and creating a positive energy flow.

1. Let There Be More Natural Light

Try to incorporate as much natural light as possible. Get rid of the curtains and blinds and let the light illuminate your office space. If you are remodelling your home office make sure that space has enough natural light so before choosing a room to work in, pick one with the most windows since you will be spending a lot of your time in it. If you are a business owner and want to remodel your company’s office space, invest in installing more windows. That will help create a positive work environment and prevent the lack of motivation and energy at work. Make sure to ventilate offices and let fresh air circulate through space by opening windows often.

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When remodelling an office space, make sure you do it in a sustainable way to create a long-lasting and successful business. Don’t avoid being environmentally conscious and recycle all the unnecessary items. Try to reuse all items that cannot be recycled or store them as a backup for future remodelling. You can consult a reliable storage company and rent long-term business storage for all the excessive belongings. That way when certain pieces of furniture get worn-out, you can save money and reuse ones safely stored. Encourage your employees to be eco-friendly; to recycle and reduce the amount of rubbish if possible.

3. Greyness-less

Opt for the neutral colour palette but make sure it is not just a combination of grey shades. Paint the walls in warm pastel tones and combine several shades for different walls. Avoid using only white paint since it will give the space sterile (clinical) look. Opting for white walls in combination with other stronger shades can be a great option since it will modernise the space. The colour green is associated with creative thinking and it will inspire the positive emotional state of your employees that will result in getting more work done. Also using yellow shade to paint the office can help illuminate the space in combination with the natural light. When it comes to choosing the right colour for your home office, opt for your favourite colour tones and make it fun and creative. If red is your option, keep in mind that it will affect your mood as well as performance. Pick a lighter, warmer shade since red colour makes people feel more agitated and you can get easily distracted from your work tasks.

4. Go Green By Adding Greenery

Bring the nature inside by adding greenery to your office space. Not only it will look good but plants also improve air quality and help regulate humidity. Choosing low maintenance, easy care plants such as aloe, cacti, and succulents is a great option since you won’t be spending so much time caring about plants nor will your employees lose time on taking care of them. Encourage your workers to bring their own preferred greenery to stimulate themselves and connect with the outdoors. Also, the space appears more calming and pleasant. Not to mention that the plants help reducing stress, so go green – add more greenery.

5. Make It Personal

Encourage employees to personalise their space. It is important to surround themselves with things that will inspire and motivate. Decorating your office desk makes it more personalised and makes you feel more comfortable. You can bring some books, picture frames with favourite photographs and concert memorabilia or decorate with office-themed and motivational prints. Keep your office desk tidy and organised to avoid distractions and losing time on finding necessities. Surround your workspace with things that you love to get inspired and get down to work.

Inspiring Individuals

Following these tips and trick will help you remodel your office space in a sustainable way no matter if you are a business owner or you are simply updating your home office. Creating a positive and healthy working environment leads to more productiveness and therefore results in the progress of the whole company/your own business. Make the most of the space and adjust it to be comfortable so that it gives inspiration to every worker. Remember, inspired individuals are innovative and committed to their line of work!

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