Martin Schneider is Director of Product Marketing at SugarCRM. In his role, Martin handles competitive intelligence, marketing positioning and analyst relations. Prior to joining SugarCRM, Martin held the position of senior analyst with technology industry research firm the 451 Group, headquartered in NYC. Martin covered the CRM landscape for the 451, analysing and consulting on such topics as Software-as-a-Service, business intelligence and open source applications. Martin also covered the CRM space as news editor with CRM Magazine in New York.

  • Jim Mallord

    I think Salesforce has done a good job with maturing cloud 'software' (pun intended, since they believe in NO software). That said, I agree with "Chatter has been over-hyped in a dangerous way." I think Salesforce is strutting around way too much with Chatter and Jigsaw. Both are cute products but will eventually tear apart their core product and concepts. Expensive? Maybe. But they had their IPO and with the increase the founders are ready to cash it with a buy-out.

  • I thought this article was a little critical of Salesforce and slanted towards SugarCRM. Then I noticed the author's bio – Director, Product Marketing at SugarCRM. Not exactly unbiased reporting. Objective opinion FAIL.

    • As a salesperson having used a multitude of CRM-like systems over the last 15 years, Salesforce is the one that has proven to have the salesperson at it's heart. Of course, there are corporations who don't get value from it, but that's not an app-function, that's a lack of top-down organisational promotion. Chatter may not be all-things-to-all-men, but having used it over the last 2 months, I disagree with much of what is said in this post – having said that I am always interested to hear multiple points of view!

  • As a keen advocate of salesforce, I have to agree with Martin regarding the hype surrounding Chatter – its been well & truly over-done. That said clearly Martin has his own agenda and I find it interesting that you've been so critical of the pricing – in my experience all of the businesses I've worked at have saved substantial sums by switching to SFDC.

    Could you expand on your statement that "’s outdated multi-tenant model will hold Chatter back"?

  • If offers Chatter for free for their customers, I don't see a reason why they won't use it. It brings a breath of fresh air, if you will, into a corporate environment letting the users work in it in about the same way they do in Facebook for their personal matters. And Chatter is being used already by quite a few customers. Moreover, an Outlook Social Connector provider for Chatter has already been developed by InvisibleCRM and is available as a free offering ( So now people can now get Chatter updates right in their Outlook.

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  • Every feature mentioned delivered by Salesforce within 18 months.