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5 Ways To Promote Your Startup On A Shoestring Budget

Tight Budget

A significant number of startups fail in the market due to unavailability of funds, and it has decided the verdict of some brilliant ideas as well. Due to that reason, many startups are extra cautious to not to run out of cash for operations and look for ways to market the brands in inexpensive ways. It is always an excellent choice to promote your startup on a shoestring budget whenever possible. Here are a number of ideas you can promote your startup without allocating a significant portion of your budget.

1. Social Media Networks

The best channel for promoting a startup and its products is none other than social media channels. Create groups and pages for the startup in social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, and reach out to potential customers with engaging content. However, you should note that proper strategies in social media have the power to make or break. Creative videos can become an instant hit or viral in a short span of time and make your product heard by millions of people around the globe. For this purpose, your eyes and ears should always be open to ideas, but you should remember that creativity does not come with a price tag and can be bought.

2. Online Reviews

Online reviews have become one of the biggest lead generation strategies in recent years due to the power of word of mouth. Creating Yelp pages or other independent review sites like Trustpilot is the first step towards. Later, you can encourage your customers to review your products or services. In today’s world, the majority of the people love reading reviews of other customers about products before making a decision. A good number of positive reviews about your services or products online will secure you leads and access to a wider market.

3. Tech Listing Sites

It is another great economical option to get better exposure. You can submit your startup details at startup listing sites to improve your visibility across the internet ecosystem as well as connect with various parties involved in the startup grooming process. Startup listing platforms let you to submit your startup in detail, such as the detailed description of the business, unique aspects, target audience, marketing strategies, and more, at no cost. Since startups speak about ideas, your ideas reach more investors, potential customers of your products, businesses who wanted to collaborate with you, and more.

4. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is an excellent way to reach out to right people at low cost. Rewarding your current customers for bringing new customers is a time-tested strategy of promotion. You can offer some exclusive products or features of products to the customers who are bringing new customers to you. Apart from adding new customers to your network, you also get a chance to improve your rapport with existing customers. Considering a significant percentage of referral marketing are personal recommendations, you get more people to listen to your ideas or products.

5. SEO

Most startups fail to understand the importance of SEO initially and do not make the site SEO-friendly to attract more visitors. When they understand the mistake, they would have lost a significant number of customers and time along with the added expenses for bringing SEO to existing pages. Putting a strong focus on SEO from the designing stage of a website is the right strategy, and that reduces your expenses for SEO sharply. Remember that if an existing site wants to implement SEO for their pages, it involves a lot of extra work.


The growth of technology has provided numerous marketing channels for the creative marketers. Your research and creativity are the two most important characteristics that will help you to land on the right one.

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