7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs CRM Software


Customer Relationship Management, or CRM as it is usually referred to, is crucial. Larger businesses adopt CRM applications to assist their sales representatives, but many smaller businesses don’t see the value of investing in expensive CRM technology. However, CRM technology offers as many benefits as other business-focused applications because it automates specific tasks, but to help you make the right decision, here is a quick rundown of the main reasons why a product such as Sage CRM could be the best investment your business ever makes.

1. Increased Productivity

It’s very easy to lose hours searching for a customer’s contact details or meeting a new customer and then forgetting to call them at the designated time. CRM technology handles the details so all you have to do is do the talking. CRM also integrates sales and marketing functions, which saves time. Think of CRM as your personal assistant, who never goes to sleep on the job. Use it to share information with team members and be more productive as a result.

2. Measure Business Metrics

Metrics are not just for geeks. Metrics give you crucial information at your fingertips. It’s time consuming to track customer relationship data on a spreadsheet. There are a million and one bits of information and unless you are a whizz at figures, you won’t be able to take this data and use it to create useful reports. CRM technology does it in the blink of an eye, so you know your sales conversion rations and figure out the best way of reaching valued customers.

3. Increase New Sales

CRM enables you to make sales through multiple avenues. You are no longer limited to sales calls or in-person visits. Instead, CRM technology lets you accept customer orders via the internet, mobile devices, and even through social media.

4. Boost Customer Loyalty

Have you ever been left wondering who a customer is when they call? Thanks to CRM technology, this won’t happen very often. As soon as a customer gets in touch, you can pull up their details and know everything about them, their previous orders and their personal preferences. It makes for a better customer relationship, which in turn helps to boost customer loyalty.

5. Identity Repeat Customers

Repeat customers are the Holy Grail, so it pays to hang on to them. Thanks to CRM technology, your sales team will immediately know if a customer is a new or existing customer, so they can react accordingly. This helps your team to make cross sales, as they can see previous orders.

6. Provide Better Customer Service

Customer service is very important. If you neglect your best customers, they will soon move on to a competitor. Use CRM applications to identity your best customers. That way you can offer them an enhanced level of service and increase their value to the business.

7. Centralised Emails

Keeping track of emails is time consuming and prone to error. Emails get lost and you might forget to CC someone important. CRM technology makes email management a breeze because it centralises all communications with clients, including email.

CRM is critical if you want your business to grow. Invest in cloud-based CRM applications and you can scale up as and when you need to.

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Ady Wilson

Ady Wilson is a senior full stack database admin and web developer with a penchant for languages – digital and human. On weekends he’s usually marathoning dramatic HBO shows (Game of Thrones) or at the park with the family dog. He loves writing about general tech, cloud, and databases.