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7 Tips To Help Harness The Power Of Google


The Google search engine deals with 3.5 billion searches every day and controls 79% of the market share. So how do you harness its power for your business?

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is vital free tool from Google to monitor the performance of your website. You’re able to monitor how many people are visiting your website, when they visit and how they are coming to your website. GA gives you access to actionable insights and with the right knowledge, guide your improvements to your website’s performance.

2. Google My Business (GMB)

GMB gives you the ability to register your business location on Google Maps and local search results, displaying important information such as your business name, address, opening/closing times, phone number, website link and forthcoming events.

3. Google AdWords

AdWords is an extremely powerful advertising tool giving your business the ability to promote your products or services on Google search results, YouTube and millions of websites. You can structure and optimise your campaigns effectively, target potential customers and secure new sales in a cost-efficient way. With AdWords, you can see if someone clicked on your ad and whether they then proceeded to make a purchase. This means you can work out your cost per acquisition to see if your campaigns are profitable.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google! Do not ignore video, but also do not make videos for the sake of it. Think about what videos would be useful for your customers, for example ‘how to’ videos which use your products or video blogs where you discuss current trends in your industry. Make the videos, get them on YouTube and then tell people they are there.

5. Google Shopping

If you’re a retailer, Google Shopping is a powerful tool you should be making the most of. It gives you the ability to promote your products with an image, item name, merchant name and price. Shopping ads make it easy for consumers to identify products before they click on your ads, meaning that those that do click are more valuable leads. Google Shopping is managed through Google Adwords but you also need a Google Merchant Center account with a data feed from your online store..

6. Google Translate Plugin

If your website has a global customer base, it makes sense to create a website in the same language as your customers’. Translating vast amounts of content can be costly and time intensive. Google Translate offers an alternative with instant and free translation. Admittedly, it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly a good start, especially if you want to launch a website quickly.

7. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a fundamental webmaster tool. It will provide you with important data directly from Google, improving your understanding of how the search engines view your website and how people find it. You will be alerted of any errors on your website, such as broken pages, and this can help you respond to make sure the SEO health of your site is maintained. It even offers insights into issues with your websites’ user experience.

These tools are available to use right now, but what holds most people back is a lack of the required technical knowledge to use them successfully. A lack of knowledge can lead to costly mistakes, so tread carefully.

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Tim Butler is founder of Innovation Visual, a digital marketing consultancy specialising in developing your online presence and digital communications. Using the latest techniques in SEO, PPC and online content creation, Innovation Visual is an award-winning Google, Bing and Hubspot Partner, and works to increase conversion rates, basket values, and return frequency.