Are you getting the most from LinkedIn Today?

I love being able to find useful content to share with a range of different audiences. I’m using a couple of tools right now and thought I’d share more about LinkedIn Today in case it’s not a part of LinkedIn you are familiar with.

What is LinkedIn Today and how can I access it? LinkedIn itself describes it as “The most shared news on LinkedIn”. You can access it by going to this link directly, or by looking at “News” from your LinkedIn profile, and then clicking on LinkedIn Today. LinkedIn introduced it to their suite of tools in March this year and highlighted the benefits in 3 key areas:

  • Surfacing content that your networking is sharing
  • Surfacing content that your industry peers are sharing
  • Surfacing content outside your industry

How I’m using it in my social media role

It’s one of several tools I use to find interesting content relating to how individuals and companies are using social media. I check in every couple of days to check out what is new, and what the top stories are. Whilst I often find news direct from Twitter, I like LinkedIn today as it gives me the ability to check out some of the most popular stories that are current at the time.

Because they are focused in industries, I’m much more likely to see at a quick glance what the hot topics are and then be able to share them out with my contacts, either via LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter. Or of course, to consider a longer blog post on them.

How you could use LinkedIn Today

When you visit LinkedIn today you can see content being shared. It’s also possible to add in industries or sources that you want to keep up to date with. So for instance, you may decide that you’re interested in a new role in a different industry.

No problem – you can search different industries and follow the news from that industry to check out what the content being shared on LinkedIn is. You can also look at specific sources that LinkedIn lists, and follow content being shared on LinkedIn from that source. I like HBR content, for instance, so I just went and added that in.

Other ways you could use LinkedIn today depending on what your topic of interest is:

  • Topics you can share with relevant colleagues or clients as discussion points.
  • As a resource for a project – look for articles which help you build your case.
  • As a way to find relevant blogs in your niche to start connecting with.
  • To check out what kind of content your network is sharing, to help you share more relevant content with them in the future.
  • As an idea for a new blog post (including a nice link crediting the original link!)

Are you using LinkedIn today? I would love to hear your experiences of it so far.

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Claire Chapman is a social media expert. Claire's journey into social media has been one that has built up over time. When she trained as a coach, she started connecting with people on different coaching niche membership sites and forums, and started finding that these were a great way to keep connected to the industry and peers, as well as spotting potential coaching opportunities. Since September 2009, Claire has also been working part time for Intendance in London, a full service Web firm who offers a complete range of Web & design services as their Social Media Specialist.