Are you suffering from Social Media fatigue?

Talking to people about social media I can sometimes feel eyes starting to glaze. There is a definite feeling of information overload, or as Chris Brogan refers to, Social Media Fatigue.

Whilst it’s true that we can feel overwhelmed with the amount of information we get in an average day, I wanted to ask you to take a look at it differently from a mindset of opportunity and abundance. Social Media and the internet gives us:

The ability to access information from a range of sources, fast

When we see news on Twitter, it’s often faster than we’d see it straight away in the main stream news, yet we can go to mainstream news and sources we trust to verify it. It’s like having your own early warning system for important news.

A multitude of mindsets

If we open ourselves to using tools that open us to new sources, then we are able to find new perspectives, and connect with new people. We can see posts that challenge us, our viewpoints and our way of thinking about the world. And right from the comfort of our own desks.

A river of news, a party of potentials

The joy of social for me is the ability to pull in information which I am interested in. I’m abundant in mindset simply because there is so much content out there, some of it will give me a new perspective which will resonate with my current view or cause me to reach out to find out more. The important fact is that in our river of news, it’s important that we can fish for the pieces that we want to see.

We don’t have to hook it all out of the water. We can pick and choose until the right catch comes along and we scoop it up and take it out and show it off. We do this all the time in social where we share insightful, relevant content that we found on our journey through an average day.

Room for old friends, new friends, and friends we haven’t met yet (or your business equivalent)

When we think about social with a mindset of abundance we can see that there is room for our current connections as well as keeping in touch with people we may not keep top of mind so often. We also see that we can open that door to building a relationship more easily with people we meet and find interesting at real life events like that conference you attended just last week.

Give yourself permission to feel abundant, not fatigued.

Yes it’s easy to feel fatigued especially with each new tool. I love learning and I love finding new tools to use, but even so sometimes it can feel overwhelming. By giving yourself permission to remember to come back to the benefits you find, and by holding each piece of content, or each source lightly, you save yourself from the burden of keeping lots of content in your mind.

Find places to hold your content, but most of all find ways to share relevant content. That is abundant thinking with social at the heart – using social to share the gift of useful, relevant people with the right people, at the right time. And with so much content out there, it’s a great time to get started!

Question: How does thinking about social media in this way help you shift your perspective?

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Claire Chapman is a social media expert. Claire's journey into social media has been one that has built up over time. When she trained as a coach, she started connecting with people on different coaching niche membership sites and forums, and started finding that these were a great way to keep connected to the industry and peers, as well as spotting potential coaching opportunities. Since September 2009, Claire has also been working part time for Intendance in London, a full service Web firm who offers a complete range of Web & design services as their Social Media Specialist.