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Adam Bennett is a hands on digital marketing manager for the UK’s largest ID card company, Digital ID. With a key passion for writing, Adam specialises in creating high-performance content marketing and SEO campaigns with a key passion for writing.

5 ID Card Printing Security Tips For Corporate Organisations

Corporate organisations and small businesses alike are all now required to think carefully about how they are handling the sensitive data of their employees. The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, came into effect earlier this year. This now means businesses need to have a clear plan of action for any data they may request, process, share or otherwise use. ID cards are one such facet of important corporate data which, if in the wrong hands, could result in serious harm to both a company and its individuals. With GDPR and this renewed data protection focus in mind, it is a perfect time to consider your current ID card printer security and ask yourself, are you printing ID cards securely enough?  Are you using effective visual security? Below are five important points all corporate...