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Alan is responsible for running the Fruition Partner’s UK Practice including: solution, sales, delivery and support services. He was part of the original management team of Partners in IT, who were acquired by Fruition Partners in 2014 to later become CSC/DXC. Alan holds an MSc in Digital Systems and has a background in software development, systems engineering and IT service management consulting. With over 26 years experience in the IT industry, he is proud to lead the UK within Fruition/DXC, ServiceNow’s largest and most successful partner.

Why Service Management Is No Longer Just About IT

IT Service Management, or ITSM for short, may have IT in its name – but service management is not just about IT. If we take a few steps back, traditionally users have contacted IT departments for one of three reasons; wanting something fixed, wanting another kind of assistance or wanting something new. This means that the IT team has become adept at putting in place processes to address enquiries with speed, efficiency and accountability. These typical reasons for getting in contact are no different for other business departments. This means that when people contact HR or the facilities department, for instance – it is to fix something, for help with a question, or for something new. Therefore, service management principles can be used outside of the IT department. At a time of stretched I...