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Alex Castle is a digital marketer and data fanatic. Alex has worked across 3 continents learning what makes customers tick and applying this knowledge to marketing campaigns. When not digging through analytics you'll probably find him listening to podcasts about football.

4 Ways To Better Manage Your Marketing Data

As a data-driven industry, marketing is heavily dependent upon complete, valid and accurate data to guide decisions and resources. As today’s consumers interact with brands through a variety of different touch points, the type of data being received is always changing. This makes it more important than ever for marketers to manage their customer data and maintain its integrity, validity and accuracy. In this article we discuss four ways to successfully manage your marketing data so you have a platform for making accurate and informed decisions for your business going forwards. 1. Choose your critical data The marketing world is awash with all sorts of customer data, and marketers love to collect it. But is the data you’re collecting actually relevant to what the marketers want to achieve? ...