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Alex Dalglish is the Head of Technical Services at COMPAREX UK, a position he has held since 2015. COMPAREX is a global IT provider specialising in license management, sourcing, technical product consulting and cloud-based professional services. With a track record spanning thirty years, COMPAREX serves the public-sector, SMB and large international corporations.

Who Are You? Why Identity Protection In The Cloud Matters

The IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey revealed that 70 percent of companies have already migrated at least one application to the cloud, and an additional 16 percent are planning to do so. With so many applications operating in the cloud, it is getting harder for companies to know which data is transmitted, when it is sent and where it goes. This is causing a major headache for CIOs, as a string of high profile cyber-attacks has ensured data protection remains high on their agendas. With IBM calculating the cost of a data breach at $4m, the stakes are incredibly high and companies can’t afford to skimp on data security when taking advantage of the cloud. In most cases, employees do not deliberately share data insecurely. It is normal in an age of globalisation that companies require em...