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Alex Tebbs is the founder of unified communications business VIA. He regularly shares his insights and tips on the topics of cloud computing, cloud technology and communications. VIA's customers benefit from enhanced communications capabilities leading to improved productivity, efficiency, security and flexibility.

3 Ways Technology Will Change The Way We Work In 2018

Technology has always changed how the world works. From the very first technological advancement through to innovations that are happening in labs and businesses across the world right now, every update has the potential to change how we make things happen and how we get things done. Nowhere has that been more prevalent in the business world than in cloud technology. What was once a new technology somewhat feared by those with security and access based concerns is now a commonplace tool that’s facilitating more flexible approaches to work and more efficient management of business tasks and assets. Here are my thoughts on how technology, including cloud tech, will change the way we work in 2018. 1. The Year Of Flexible Working Flexible working isn’t a new idea. The concept that different pe...