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A marketing consultant at StreamHash, a company expertise in providing youtube clone script and video cms suited for video on demand portals and internal corporate video solutions. Interested in marketing communications and like to keep abreast of new trends and developments.

Live Streaming Software: 10 Features To Consider

A live streaming event has already made a stand in the current market and is a promising venture for the future. Aided by spectacular live streaming software the live streaming business has been able to generate huge revenue in the past few years. Primarily to stream a live event from anywhere, be it a house or a workplace you need to work hard and put in enough effort for a brilliant outcome. The workflow needs to be without any hesitation or any issues. There are no shortcuts in commencing a live streaming platform with proper live streaming software. The ones looking to create a website have different specks in mind compared to the ones looking to launch a live streaming video app. The budget would totally depend on the features included. However, in this article we are going to discuss...