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Amelie Blanche is an online journalist from Hawaii whose main interests are internet-freedom, cyber-security, and social media marketing. Studying marketing at Honolulu Community College and previously working as a content-manager for SafeNetHonolulu, she created her own blog about Internet privacy. Through simply-written articles, Amelie teaches residents of Hawaii about Internet security tools and how to use them for playing games or browsing the Net.

3 Common Mistakes That Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Useless

One of the main objectives of content marketing is to bring benefits to the business. It can be increasing sales or attracting more clients. Small and big companies usually have a content marketer, who functions both as a copywriter and content researcher at the same time. He/she takes care of “content of the content”. The marketing part, actually, is to bring benefits to the business. If the content marketer is not a professional or neglects the main objective, the content of any website will not achieve the main goal.  Surely, in order to reach the goal and provide relevant texts, research should be conducted. It should be noted that research must be extensive, sometimes including even research on insider’s information of other companies. Only after the research is conducted, proper stra...