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Andrew Foxcroft is Radware’s regional director for UK, Ireland, Nordics, where he leads the teams supporting some of the UK’s largest names in retail, finance, telecoms and gaming, as well as public sector organisations, with their application and network security.

Bitcoin Will Drive The Wealth Of Hackers In 2018

As you’d expect in January, the media is buzzing with predictions for the year ahead. Numerous companies, research institutes and analysts have all agreed on one thing artificial intelligence and bitcoin will be trends to watch. How enduring each will be is debatable as financial houses grapple with the choice of offering cryptocurrency trading desks or erring on the side of caution in case the bubble bursts.   Certainly in the world of security there are having an impact. More and more machine learning is being adopted into security methods. That’s of course a positive when the attacks are relentless. In fact, research uncovered that one-fifth of companies already rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence and a quarter plan to integrate it in to security plans the next 12 month...

Uber And Ethical Hacking

Uber is a giant when it comes to developing apps that challenge the status quo and improve life. However its disruptive business model has also disrupted lives and stirred up social unrest among the driver community with riots from Paris to India to show for it.  It’s made itself a target, a symbol of unethical business for ‘ethical hackers’ to go after. Hacking with socio-economic cause is a big phenomenon today. The Rio Olympics and the FIFA World Cup were both targeted in protest of the living standards the citizens faced in the host countries. Both government organisations and event sponsors had sites defaced and suffered outages. Today, any company considering sponsoring an event has to consider what the ethical implications are for the brand. But what’s most interesting a...

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