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Andy has over 25 years’ experience inventing and building unique IT networking and security products. In a long and distinguished career, including being Technical Director at Integralis, Andy has invented many leading-edge technologies including IP Network Translation Gateway, Print Symbiont Technologies for LAN-based printers and Disaster Master (a technique of continuously updating a backup site with mirrored data). As one of the Co-Founders and CTO of MIMEsweeper, Andy was the creator of the world’s first content security solution which became the default product in its space. He then went on to start WebBrick Systems which was one of the pioneering Home Automation technologies, also a forerunner to what we know as IoT devices today. While serving as Engineering Director, Andy created and patented several core components in the Osirium product family.

When SysAdmins Go Rogue….

Your SysAdmin/Super User/Root User has a lot of access to your critical systems – legitimately. It’s a job that comes with a great deal of trust, but what if one went rogue? It’s a nightmare scenario. How would you know it was happening? How could you recover from it? Unfortunately, there are many ways a rogue SysAdmin may manipulate their privilege online. One such example involves adding Privileged Accounts to systems. Such new additions are typically given innocuous names that are easily mistaken for legitimate functions: such as ‘back up’. Only by careful examination can someone tell if these accounts are bogus, and means looking for interactive login rights. Moreover, to identify these details, the person looking needs to be a capable SysAdmin to start with. A more c...