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Anthony is the Regional Director at ThreatQuotient, a company dedicated to revolutionising cyber defence capabilities by building analyst-driven applications, helping organisations manage threat intelligence and therefore defending against sophisticated cyber attacks. Prior to joining ThreatQuotient, Anthony worked as Sourcefire’s EMEA Sales and Channel Director.

What Do Threat Intelligence And Music Have In Common?

I really enjoy watching live music and every time I do I think how great it must be to play in a band. You look totally cool and it looks so easy on stage but I’m sure it must be a challenge, not just learning how to play each song correctly on your own, but then playing together and having it sound amazing. Think about it. Each instrument is supposed to add beauty to the music. But when all the band members come together with different music sheets, from different sources, using different rhythms and interpreted differently you can bet it sounds more like noise when they start playing all at the same time. That’s where a strong band leader really makes the difference – setting a clear direction and making decisions so that the entire band can efficiently and effectively come together to c...

Nobody Said Threat Intelligence Would Be Easy!

A new report by the Information Security Forum (ISF) entitled Threat Intelligence: React and Prepare made headlines last month with its main finding that only 25% of companies surveyed felt that threat intelligence is delivering on its promise. While the findings in the report are all valid, pointing to threat intelligence and crying foul is an easy scapegoat. Nobody said threat intelligence was going to be easy…it is difficult for a number of reasons. But it also delivers tremendous value when it’s approached thoughtfully and strategically. The following address some of the findings within the report… 90% said they would benefit from a single definition. While most people have an understanding of threat intelligence (whether a deep-rooted knowledge or a high-level understanding), ex...

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