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Asaf Zamir, Co-Founder & CTO of Cloudwith.me, has been programming since he was 6. Asaf dedicated his life to technology and game changing system architecture and development. He has built large scale systems, servicing over 5 million monthly users for media companies in the United States, led a B2C development project for Switzerland’s largest retailer, built an application infrastructure for Germany’s top news agency and created a big data aggregation system which won him a Google grant for innovation. Asaf graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science from the Technische Universität Berlin.

‘Crowd Cloud’ Makes The Cloud Accessible To All

The 21st Century has seen a massive surge in the cloud economy. Demand for storing and processing data is rising exponentially with no end in sight. That growth has brought a cloud regime that ultimately can’t be sustained. It has two primary features: cloud services today are provided by what amounts to a centralised oligopoly and as the number of users, and uses, grow there is less security, privacy and control. Enter blockchain and the emerging revolution of distributed systems: decentralised, secure, stable and, arguably, more “democratic.” When this is applied to the cloud economy a new reality quickly comes into focus: the decentralised cloud, built as it can be upon blockchain technology, upends the current regime and creates a new cloud ecosystem for ‘the rest of us’; a global infr...