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As CEO of Prismetric, a top-rated Mobile App Development Company, Ashish adds to perspectives about mobile app development, startups, business development and leadership. An entrepreneur by heart, he loves to discuss the latest tech, especially if it is mobile technology.

Mobile Application Development Secrets: Process And Principles

Smartphones and mobile technology have become the new way of life for most of the consumers. The year 2017 portrays 4.7 billion mobile users who consume digital media on their cell phones. Mobile applications are driving the majority of media consumption, accounting for 7 out of 8 minutes on mobile devices. Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play store sums over 3.5 million listed applications that are readily available for download. However, the number of application downloads and usage of any app has been nominal. As mobile users continue to inundate the consumer market, so have customer’s expectations. However, businesses have failed to engage with the growing consumption of the mobile market. A statistics from Localytics displays an app abandonment rate of 23% which directly affects t...