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Ashley is a consultant working with Heroic Search in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She's been involved with digital marketing projects for all sized business for over a decade. Now, she and her expert team share expert advice about e-commerce, SEO, and Online Promotions across the web. Follow along on Twitter to see what else they have to say.

Amazon Web Services Vs RackSpace: The Best Solution To Secure Your Data

There’s never enough storage space on your computer anymore. And, if you’re not set up to purchase your own servers, cloud storage is the solution for you. For most people, the question is not, “Should I use cloud storage?” Instead, you’re asking, “Which cloud service should I use?” Let’s explore… How Many Cloud Service Providers Are There? If you limit the answer to how many companies primarily sell cloud hosting services, the answer is probably 200-300. But, in addition to those companies, there are countless resellers and companies who supplement their primary business with server space. If you’re in the market thinking you should shop around, know that you will get overwhelmed if you dig too deep. Which Service Should You Choose? With so many options, you have to know that there ...