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Working as Digital Marketing Manager at CallHippo, Ashok Pandit loves to share his knowledge about VoIP, Virtual Phone Systems & Cloud Technology. Ashok has reviewed software in categories including Small business, startups, and cloud telephony.

16 Ways A Toll-Free Number Can Help Grow Your Business

Every organisation, whether big or small, needs to adopt new technologies to rise up in the competitive market. Toll-free numbers have evolved as one of the most important tools for the business development. Nowadays, a toll-free number are seen everywhere say on websites, advertisements, televisions and so on. Studies show that 68% of public were more inclined towards toll-free numbers rather than the other number reflected on web addresses of companies. This happens due to its number of fruitful benefits. 1. 24×7 Availability How about giving a number to you customers on which they can reach you anytime, anywhere. Toll-free numbers will provide such service to customers. It will result in a better customer satisfaction in return better business. Toll-free numbers help you be availab...

How To Improve Customer Experience With Cloud Telephony

There is a Japanese saying “Customer is God”. The customer is rather the king. For any business organisation to survive in this cut-throat competitive market the first and foremost preference should be given to enhancing customer experience. A satisfied customer is your key to success and serves as an asset to the company. With numerous companies providing similar products/services a splendid customer experience is differentiating factor which makes your company preferred choice for your customers. It facilitates customer acquisition and retention. Cloud telephony has evolved as a windfall to companies to provide unmatched customer experience. It helps the companies create a flexible and agile environment. It facilitates rapid response to the ever changing and modernising business needs. P...

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