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Audrey Zack has a very strong background in technology and development with a passion for creating innovative design and developing simple solutions to challenging problems. She believes in result oriented and innovative project skills with top-tier strategy, experience, and technology.

How AR And E-Commerce Are Reshaping The Retail Market

The advent of smartphones has revolutionised commerce sector. Its impact has been indelible in almost every field of business. It has even birthed an entirely new market termed ‘e-commerce’. And since its inception e-commerce has made rapid inroads into the retail sector market. The situation has come a to point where some of the market analysts are of the opinion that e-commerce is the death knell for retail while some still throw their weights behind retail holding its ground against e-commerce. Certain stats do support the latter section’s claims, for instance, a report by Fung Global Retail and Technology states that Amazon’s share in US apparel market is a mere 3.7% including third-party sales for the year 2016. The same study also states that none of the e-com...