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Bojan Mijatovic is a marketing director at Clockify - a free time tracking app. As a keen enthusiast in new technologies and all-things-business, he likes to write about industry insights, from social media and SEO, to growth hacking and productivity. He is also an avid Formula 1 fan.

5 Tips To Maintain A Healthy Balance Between Work And Life

Efficiency and productivity are holy words in modern business. And although this concept looks good in theory, in reality it just leads to stress and dissatisfaction – the exact opposite of what you should be getting from your career. The problem is that people no longer know how to balance their work and personal lives correctly, and this is starting to impact their health and wellbeing. In this post, I’ll talk about some of the main issues people run into when trying to balance their careers with their leisure time and how to solve them. 1. Perfectionism Being a perfectionist leads to excellent results in the workplace, but it can also be a source of unbelievable stress. It’s important to be able to stop yourself when the project you’re working on doesn’t require any further ...