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A Senior Technology Leader, passionate about innovation, with over 15 year’s commercial experience successfully delivering strategic advantage through Technology. Charlie specialises in: Technology Strategy, Product Development, Security, Project Management, Software Development, IT Security and Development Management.

Why GDPR Will Drive A Best Practice Approach

When GDPR was first discussed, many feared that it would force businesses to act more insular and become more defensive about their data. Some even believed there would be a counter-movement against the cloud with organisations taking back data into their internal systems. Thankfully, the reality has been very different. Instead we’ve seen a new willingness to work together with partners and specialist cloud providers. Now it looks likely that this collaboration will help to carve out a best practice approach towards GDPR. Consequently, many businesses are turning the tables and, instead of seeing GDPR as a threat, they see it as a welcome chance to get their house in order and, for once, tackle the thorny question of data protection head on. So why the change of approach? First it seems t...