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Chiara Pensato leads marketing in EMEA for Alteryx, the leader in self-service data analytics. Additional insight provided by Craig Bloodworth, CTO & Tableau Zen Master at The Information Lab.

The Inside Scoop On Business Analytics Programmes

Discussions on implementing big data in business tend to start with the technology. People tend to think about the software that’s needed, where the sources are to be stored, the tools used to collect data, the platform that will power the analytical ‘crunching’ and more. Technology is certainly a crucial for any business’ analytics strategy, but it is equally vital not to neglect or misjudge the organisational and human elements needed to make the practical application of big data a success. The business intelligence and analytics software market is booming. Business leaders the world over are certainly fuelling market growth with investment in technology and personnel. Industry revenue is expected to reach $18.3 billion this year, up 7.3 per cent from last year, and continue increasing t...