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Chris Lawrence is Head of Media Consulting, UK and Ireland at Cognizant. He is a management consultant and strategist with 20 years of experience working in media.

How Can Brands Get Close To Consumers Without Being Creepy?

Historic revenue streams of media organisations have collapsed and as a result they have had to change strategies. Their focus has turned to creating new opportunities through the monetisation of customer data. While this has allowed them to provide more personalised and targeted advertising and services, companies are increasingly coming under fire for seeming to take this too far.  At this year’s Cannes Festival, judges became uncomfortable when they found out that one of the entrants had intercepted Bluetooth signals between consumers’ phones and cars, while Google and Facebook have made headlines for their use of ad tracking. Consumers also often feel uncomfortable when they see how their data is being used; for example, if a hiking holiday is recommended on social media having just se...