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Christian Ralph is Marketing Manager at Printerland. Specialising in digital marketing, search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising, Christian has helped Printerland grow to be the largest independent reseller of printers and cartridges in the UK.

4 Tips To Keep Your Employees Happy

As a business owner yourself, you’ll probably realise the importance of keeping your employees happy and the impact it has on the daily running of your company. Happy and positive staff that are content within their job role are more likely to stay working for your company and without them, you will struggle to complete their duties on your own. Not only will positive employees help to produce a higher quality of work and more efficient office, but they’ll also contribute to increasing productivity which can benefit the entire organisation. Here are some tips how to ensure that your employees are happy, and how you can increase the chances of excellent members of staff wanting to work for you in the long-term: 1. Offer Flexible Working Patterns With many of your employees likely to have th...