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Technical writer at Aegis Softtech especially for computer programming like Asp.net, Java, Big Data, Hadoop, Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM since more than 8 years. Also having basic knowledge for Computer Programming.

Intel Chip Flaw Is Scary: Know Why?

In the most horrified state of affairs is security after all computer devices worldwide have been exposed to security flaws leaving them vulnerable to attacks by the hacker community. Researchers have discovered a security gap in the processing units usually called the CPU chips which could lead to a compromise in the security of privately stored data. Most of the Intel processors and some ARM CPUs are perceived to be at the risk of being vulnerable, which means billions of devices are at risk. Critical security flaws have been discovered in Intel chips crafted since 1995. The vulnerabilities let attackers steal data from memory of the running applications like password managers, browsers, emails, photos, and documents. The discovery was made by two researchers who have chosen to dub the v...