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François Amigorena is the founder and CEO of IS Decisions, and an expert commentator on cybersecurity issues. IS Decisions is a provider of infrastructure and security management software solutions for Microsoft Windows and Active Directory. The company offers solutions for user-access control, file auditing, server and desktop reporting, and remote installations. Its customers include the FBI, the US Air Force, the United Nations and Barclays — each of which rely on IS Decisions to prevent security breaches; ensure compliance with major regulations; such as SOX and FISMA; quickly respond to IT emergencies; and save time and money for the IT department.

How SMBs Can Help Stop A Data Breach Before It Starts

Look around any modern small or medium business (SMB) and you will see how IT solutions are critical to business success. IT seems to matter to small-medium business. Yet those very same businesses treat the security of these IT solutions as an onerous requirement. This lack of sophistication around most SMBs security stance means they have become a lucrative and easy target. Without the sufficient defences in place to protect, detect or react to cybersecurity attacks, it’s no surprise that more than 61% of SMBs (2017 Ponemon Institute Study) have been breached in the last 12 months. SMB Security Today Is Focused On Just Protect, Pray & Then React Today most SMBs approach to any kind of attack – which includes data breaches – is a reactive one. Think about it, in every kind of attack-r...