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Gavin is a blogger, writer and online entrepreneur. He established few personal blogs and writes for other renowned online portal as well.

DasCoin And Other Altcoins Could Go Higher Than Bitcoin

In the world of cryptocurrency, no name rings a more familiar tune than Bitcoin. Being the first currency to utilize blockchain technology, and remaining that way for some years has led to it gaining a solid foothold in the market in terms of users and overall value and market share. This has not remained a constant however, as the development of the first public Alternatives to Bitcoins or “Altcoins” in 2011 has given buyers other options from what was a limiting framework and non-liquid currency in Bitcoin. With the advent of Altcoins such as DasCoin entering the public market in the years leading to the present, Bitcoin has slowly relinquished the front stage, relegating itself to a placeholder role, wherein it remains as a non-liquid but value-stable cryptocurrency. However, it is unde...