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George is Director of Business Solutions Strategy, with over 25 years’ experience in Content, Process and Information Governance. He has delivered solutions and consultancy across multiple industries including banking, insurance, public sector, pharmaceuticals, and legal. He is a regular writer, speaker and social media contributor on Information Management, Compliance and Operational Improvement topics. George is a Certified Information Professional (CIP) by AIIM, and has been awarded the AIIM Fellowship for his contributions to the Information Management industry.

GDPR Lessons That Can Be Learned From The Uber Data Breach

The recent revelation that Uber chose not to disclose a data breach that occurred in October 2016, as well as nefarious actions to conceal the breach has had devastating effects on their already fragile reputation. It has also left them under investigation by authorities in the UK, Australia and US. As this company, and others who have suffered large scale data breaches, struggle to pick up the pieces, it would be a much grimmer scenario had this happened after GDPR regulations come into effect. From May 2018, the global firm would also be fined up to 4 per cent of worldwide turnover, resulting in further significant financial consequences. Organisations are currently in a watershed period, where it is not a question of if, but when they will suffer a breach, whether by third-party neglige...

6 Ways To Help Solve Your Digital Transformation Problems

Digital transformation is a journey that every organisation is on, to one extent or another. But few are seeing the promised results of new systems and processes they’ve implemented, or they are lagging behind in their implementation. A shift in business thinking is required as the digital enterprise works differently from the pre-digital business. It has to be globally connected, immediately responsive, hugely collaborative, data-driven, and always on – constantly adapting and changing. Today’s corporate leaders must realise that they need to disrupt or risk being disrupted and rethink the way they innovate with new approaches and how they leverage technology. Also, new ways of thinking must be led from the top. In a recent survey of senior level IT executives, close to half (49 per...

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