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Greg Pritchett is Marval’s co-founder and managing director. A positive disruptor and challenger, he is the initiator of the company’s recent cultural and operational metamorphosis. Greg has been Marval’s Technical Director since 1989, while in 2015 he assumed the role of Managing Director. Currently responsible for delivering upon Marval’s mission and strategy for growth and sustainability, Greg Pritchett is a highly regarded manager by his team and business associates, and a visionary leader.

5 Technological Trends That Will Affect Customer Service In 2018

2018 is going to be an interesting year for customer service operations. This neuralgic function, which can bear a direct impact to a business’ success and growth, has reached a certain level of maturity that demands for service delivery to be not just great, but also rich, exciting and memorable. Like most predictions of things to come, it has to in part be based on things that have come before (unless you have a crystal ball or have access to insights beyond the realms of most predictors!). In 2017 we have become more and more aware and influenced by key topics, Security, GDPR, AI and Machine Learning and IoT (Internet of Things). But the trend that is going to affect customer service more than everything is the customer experience itself. 1. Customer Experience Forming the umbrella unde...