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Hamish began his digital career at the height of the dotcom boom. Since then, he has been helping multinational companies build awareness and connect with their business audiences. Currently, he works as marketing director at Expereo International – a leading provider of intelligent global network solutions backed by over fourteen years of experience.

Mexico And Liverpool Show The Way For Enterprise Network Upset

Much like SD-WAN, disruptive football teams are shaking up the old world order. Watching this year’s World Cup, I can’t help but feel it has thrown up some surprising parallels with the enterprise network market, currently locked into a classic Klopp vs. Mourinho battle between the old guard and the new. A emerging generation of SD-WAN providers are driving a broader transformation, which could ultimately revolutionise the game. A little like Mexico, who burst out of the gates to a stunning 1-0 win against Germany. Germany seemed entirely unprepared for a hungry Mexican team, with self-belief and a very clear tactical vision – the football equivalent of a creaking incumbent pitted against an agile tech start-up. As networks evolve, there will always be companies too slow or set in th...