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Harriet Tewkesbury is an independent researcher, an entrepreneur, and a business strategist. She supports HQSoftware, a custom software development company, on their way to provide IoT, AR, and VR services.

8 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Affect Business In 2018

2017 leveraged technologies to a new business level. Last year average users first knew about products like Google Home and Amazon Echo, Prime Air, Advanced Micro Devices Radeon GPUs. The global market value of IoT has passed the one trillion U.S. dollars in 2017 and is projected to grow twice in 2018. The number of connected devices is stated to reach the mark of 50 billion by 2020. And yet most industries rated IoT as insignificant if Dresner Advisory Services survey is anything to go by. However, there is no denying that IoT, AI, AR, VR change our life and alter its basic aspects. Meantime smart devices are being gradually deployed in many new ways to enhance companies business. Here are eight evident ways IoT changes business today. 1. Data-Based Insights The IoT technology provides gr...