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Harsh Patel is an engineer by profession but has an inclination towards sales and marketing. He's currently a digital marketer in the making.

Top 5 SEO Myths You Need To Know

You are a digital marketer and probably working on one of the best streams of today as well as many years to come. According to a report, with more than 3.2 billion people are using the internet in the entire world. Simultaneously, there have been reports floating around which talks that newspaper readership has been decreasing, which eventually points the future of digital age. For every blogger and content marketer improving their web presence and search traffic is utmost important. SEO is the topmost ingredient to it. You may find many SEO consultants who may promise you a top position with some minimum charges. But let me tell you No one can guarantee top ranking in search engine. So here is my quick guide to some SEO myths.. 1. ‘Offline’ Businesses Don’t Need Any Web...