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Heidi Finigan understands the importance of the Internet but she also sees the risks involved whenever using it. This mindset fuelled her to write for VPN Compass. She takes time to go through different resources to know how to protect data whenever using the Internet, and explains it to her readers in the simplest ways possible. Online security might seem like a technical topic but she strives to make things easier for your readers. During her leisure, Heidi likes to read different articles to keep herself in the loop.

Simple Ways To Use Technology For Your Business

Technology is so ubiquitous nowadays that one would be quick to assume that every business that came of existence during the digital age uses it. However, research in 2014 showed otherwise as seven out of every ten businesses find themselves using technology but struggling to adapt to any of the newer kinds. You as a business owner might be sharing the same struggle too, especially if you aren’t that tech savvy yourself. You don’t need to force yourself to learn complex IT concepts, though, to get your business in line with the times. You’ll only need to follow these simple ways to use technology for your business: 1. Use a cloud-based application suite Assuming you bought a specific standalone application and installed it in your employees’ workstations. They can’t access its full set of ...