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Jérôme Lecat, CEO and founder of Scality, is a serial entrepreneur and business angel with 20 years of internet infrastructure start-up experience. The Frenchman lives with his family in California and is very active building bridges between Silicon Valley and the French tech scene.

Beyond Hybrid Storage: The Future Is Multi-Cloud

The term “hybrid“ seems to be ubiquitous in the storage world at the moment – for example hybrid storage (combining flash and traditional HDDs) and hybrid cloud (combining public and private cloud). However, as with all trendy buzzwords, we have to ask ourselves what the future really holds for hybrid architectures. The Future For Hybrid Storage I recently read an article that stated that hybrid storage architectures, combining flash and traditional HDDs, are always a bad choice. Hybrid is a compromise between a legacy concept and a new disruptive one, and in the long run, the newer concept wins 100% of the market, leaving any hybrid solution at a disadvantage. I couldn’t agree more about the inadequacy of hybrid architectures and would add hybrid cloud to the list. Where my opinion differ...