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Straight out of university, Jack joined the management consultancy firm Accenture, where he worked on technical projects for clients including Centrica (British Gas), BT and BOC Edwards. He then spent a couple of years working for a small London-based design agency as their Head of Digital. Having identified a niche in the public sector, he started his own small consultancy company working with local government and NHS organisations, before selling his stake to join 4D Data Centres during the fit-out phase of 4D Surrey in 2007. Since then, Jack has overseen the rapid growth of 4D, winning, along the way, multiple green awards for retrofitting their data centre with cutting edge cooling technology and becoming a Deloitte Fast 500 company 4 years in a row.

Cryptocurrency: A Whole New Mine Field Or A Profitable New World?

We’re in the middle of a Bitcoin boom. The popular cryptocurrency has steadily increased in value and the prices has fluctuated significantly recently, with it hitting $17,000 in early December and shows no signs of stopping. Cryptocurrency mining is a big opportunity for those with the right strategy. But with so many currencies to choose from, how can you find a currency that balances costs and revenue while maximising your chances of earning big? The Competitive Mining Markets Before choosing a cryptocurrency to start mining, it’s worth brushing up on the competitive nature of cryptomining. All cryptocurrencies are validated against a distributed, peer-to-peer blockchain ledger. Miners that discover new blocks can then add them to the chain, and receive some units of the cryptocurrency ...