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Jackson Shaw is senior director of product management for One Identity.

What’s In Store For Enterprise Security In 2018?

By all accounts, 2017 has been a pretty significant year in cybersecurity. Trend such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence were hot topics and the boom in chatter around IoT security due to the Mirai botnet took many headlines. In addition, regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) created quite the buzz. Below is some other observations for the year ahead and how we may see old trends re-emerge. Malware-as-a service goes mainstream. Malware is already a lucrative business, and cybercriminals have realised they stand to make even more money by turning the tools they use into a commodity and selling them through affiliate programs. Criminals with little know-how can purchase malware kits that come with easy-to-use, single-line command scripts, making it...