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Jake Croman is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and college student who currently attends the University of Michigan. Jake Croman's networking experience and logistical know-how extends to his work fundraising on behalf of charitable organisations such as St Jude’s Children's Hospital and the Eddie Croman Foundation.

6 Qualities Of Instagram Every Business Should Utilise

15 years ago, communication was stationary; now it’s constantly on the move (not only in mobility, but also in shifting appeal). Social media platforms have increasingly been redefined and improved, allowing users to share lasting memories and fleeting moments in multifunctional ways. In the tech age, businesses are also evolving their strategies to leverage social media, engage with consumers, and gain visibility. Instagram’s Story feature, which allows users to post 24 hours video stories and live sharing, has helped business and marketers manage their brands. In 2017, 70.7% of U.S. businesses are using Instagram. The story feature positioned it as the most popular social media app with over 700 million total users. Meanwhile, growth shockingly declined by 82% for Snapchat, the inventor ...