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Jake Echanove is the Director of Systems Engineering for Virtustream.

6 Questions To Ask Your Cloud Service Provider Before Moving SAP To The Cloud

Moving mission-critical applications, such as SAP, to the cloud can provide a great return in terms of user satisfaction and fiscal management. However, this does require careful consideration, when choosing the Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Before you take the plunge, here are six basic questions that you should ask yourself: 1. How Do You Assure Performance? Many CSPs will not or cannot provide service-level agreements (SLAs) around performance. Companies looking to move their mission-critical SAP workloads to the cloud must have confidence that the systems will perform off-premises as well, if not better, than they do on-premises. It can be tough for CSPs to provide performance guarantees if they have multiple tenants sharing the same compute and storage infrastructure. Understanding ho...